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Bag for my Sewing Machine

Although my Brother FS 40 came with a cover, still I needed a bag to keep dust away from my new machine. So I decided to sew the bag myself as my test for sewing skills and processing the information available in books I was reading. The design is adopted from internet especially Pinterest  but I needed the instructions which I found on   Les carnets de Del   and chatchiffonne . Lets get to making the bag. Dimensions: First you need to know the dimensions of your machine. My machine's dimensions are: Length = 39 cm; Width = 17 cm & Height = 29/30 cm The finished bag dimensions will be: Length = 43 cm, Width = 21 cm & Height = 34/35 cm You will have to cut the fabric according to the finished bag dimensions and the seam allowance you need. Materials required for this project: Zipper: I used a 70 cm long zipper. You can use two zippers in equal half sizes and according to the preference of length. Bias: Bias tape for interior finishing (optional) and for finis