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My First Sewing Machine

My Grandmother started sewing in our village and then my mother and aunt followed. I wore clothes sewn by mother even in my graduation and I love her designing and stitching. She is an expert quilter as well but her sewing machine was one of the oldest models. She tried that I should learn at least basic stitching but I never touched her old machine which I think was affecting her health as well. And its 2019, I am in Paris for my PhD; time passes so fast that we can't imagine. I was depressed by infertility and pressure of PhD, it was the month of August that I suddenly started to look Computerised Sewing Machines on Youtube just for relaxing my mind with innovative technology. And it clicked in my mind, why not buy a computerised sewing machine. I did my homework for less costly, basic computerised machines. I ordered a sewing machine Brother CS70 . It is a basic machine with 70 stitches but it does not have a Start/Stop button system. So I cancelled the order and started my