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Compatible Presser Foot for Brother FS 40

As I bought my Brother FS 40, I looked for optional presser feet to use for different type of stitching techniques. After a thorough search on Brother website in the technical support section and other websites, I found the following compatible presser feet for Brother FS 40. F058 Brother 7 Groove Pintuck Foot F021N Brother Braiding Foot F028N Brother Piping / Pearl Foot F020N Brother Multi-hole Cording Foot (7 HOLE) F014 Brother Bias Binder F039 Brother Picot Foot F035N Brother Stitch Guide Foot F012N Brother Gathering Foot SA184/F056 Brother Edge Joining Foot SA126 / F002N, SA127 / F003N  Narrow Hemmer Foot       SA187 / F061 Brother Open Quilting Foot  SA129 / F005N Transparent Quilting Foot  SA140/F033N Brother Double drive W alking Foot (Parts code XC2214052 ) SA132 / F016N Brother Sewing Guide used with Walking Foot I bought the Narrow hemmer foot F002N and will soon post a video of its testing.