Bag for my Sewing Machine

Although my Brother FS 40 came with a cover, still I needed a bag to keep dust away from my new machine. So I decided to sew the bag myself as my test for sewing skills and processing the information available in books I was reading. The design is adopted from internet especially Pinterest but I needed the instructions which I found on  Les carnets de Del  and chatchiffonne. Lets get to making the bag.

First you need to know the dimensions of your machine. My machine's dimensions are:
Length = 39 cm; Width = 17 cm & Height = 29/30 cm

The finished bag dimensions will be:
Length = 43 cm, Width = 21 cm & Height = 34/35 cm

You will have to cut the fabric according to the finished bag dimensions and the seam allowance you need.

Materials required for this project:

Zipper: I used a 70 cm long zipper. You can use two zippers in equal half sizes and according to the preference of length.
Bias:Bias tape for interior finishing (optional) and for finishing outside & inside pockets; 90 cm used in this bag.
Wadding: You can use wadding between the two layers of fabric (optional). I had fusible interlining which I utilised for experiment.
Fabric cutting: (For this machine, cut according to your machine size)
I used two different fabrics for inside and outside of the bag.

A. Bottom: Length= 45 cm & Width = 25 cm; two pieces from both fabrics plus interlining
B. Face: Length = 45 cm & height = 38 cm; two pieces from each fabric plus two pieces of interlining
C. Top with zipper: Length = 74 cm & Width = 24 cm and it will be width wise cut in two equal pieces of L= 74 cm & W= 12 cm. You will also cut interlining in same size.

C1. And here you will need two pieces of Length = 27 cm & height= 22 cm from both fabrics and interlining.
Outer Pocket: Length = 43 cm & Height = 15 cm from outer fabric or any fabric you wish to add to the design of your bag.
Inner Pocket: The inner pocket is optional. I added one to keep my user manual safe. Dimensions are Length = 43 cm & Height = 14 cm
Bag Handles: Length = 40 cm & Width= 6 cm. Cut fabric from the outside fabric you're using.
Join both inside and outside fabric with wadding or fusible interlining and secure with pins.
Now come to stitching, proceed in the following steps:
1. Make the top: attach the zipper or zippers to the pieces (C) cut for the top. Place the outer fabric with the right side of zip and sew, repeat this for the other side of zip.
Sewing zip to make the top of the bag
2. Now attach the two small pieces of fabric (C1) at each end of the above zipper section.
3. Then attach the bottom (A) to the this and make a loop. It will look like the image below; it is the inside of the bag.
Attaching the bottom to the zipper section and side patches
4. Make the pockets: finish the open ends of the pockets with bias tape as in the image below.
Finishing of the pocket opening with bias tape

It is the wrong side of the fabric to show you how to finish the edges and then add the bias tape.

5. Attach the pockets to the both faces; one from outside and one from inside.
6. Attach the both faces to the loop made in step 3. Hurrah! my bag is ready. When you're going to make your's?
Hurrah! My Sewing Machine bag is ready.

Well lets talk about the techniques learned in this project & difficulties encountered. I learned to attach the zip and sew more than two layers of fabric especially in the seams. The most difficult was to sew the both faces to the loop made in step 3. I couldn't do it well at the corners. And I made the mistake in cutting of my fabrics, I have cut all pieces according to 80 cm long zip but when I checked my Zip was 70 cm, so when I sew the bag, it became a mess. I tired to manage by shortening the height of the pieces cut for both faces and finished the bag but dimensions are not good looking and bag is slightly bigger than it should be.
Well I forgot to attach the handles of the bag because my machine gave E6 error in the middle and it wasn't sewing. I will write on it separately later.
Note: The dimensions given in this blog are the adjusted estimates after sewing the bag, so you can follow them if you want to. 


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